"I would like to thank you for the wonderful service your company has provided.

I guess everyone was incredibly busy right after Harvey, as I called several A/C companies without any luck before I found your number. Instead of an answering machine, I was pleasantly surprised to have a real person answer! Vicky was professional and courteous. She booked my appointment for the next day, and arrived on time, I think even a bit early. You gave me a quote which was, in my opinion, extremely fair. Vicky called me back to book the repair tech, and he too arrived on time. Bruce was very professional and friendly, he explained everything he was doing, and cleaned up before he left. After three plus weeks of trying to get this A/C serviced, you guys made it look easy.

I cannot convey how pleased I am with your service and with your tech.

If you ever need a referral please feel encouraged to use my name. I gave your company a positive review in our local FB group, and I will do so again as often as people ask for A/C referrals.

Thanks once again"

Michael S.

"Same dependable service, well trained employees and friendly, respectable business. I have been a satisfied customer of Stoffer's for several years."

Madeline S.
Install Survey, 2017


Mechelle A.
Install Survey, 2017

"I simply can't say enough about how well Stoffer's did! I have used them several times and have always been satisfied with their service"

Lauren B.
Install Survey, 2017

"This is the second time we have used Stoffer's. Always an excellent experience... good customer service and high quality HVAC systems."

John S.
Install Survey, 2017

"They were friendly, timely and well priced. All of the above and great customer service. Thanks Jeremy and Bruce!"

Curtis T.
Install Survey, 2017

"Bruce had a great attitude, was very informative and  knowledgeable. Thank you for a great job!"

Chris S.
Install Survey, 2017

"They know what they are doing. They are awesome. A very good experience. Great people. Very happy with their service."

Charles W.
Install Survey, 2017

"Fantastic work by Jeremy and his staff of workers ! Did a Great Job on my installation. Replaced Complete AC System in one day. Long Day but keep me cool that night. Great work staff and very conscious to make sure no messes were created and cleaned up very well. System was reorganized and all new air ducts ran in a manner that freed up space and eased mobility within my attic. Great job on explaining the advantages and use of new AC/Heat/Thermostat systems. Great Job to All. And Thanks for the Great Service !!"

Robert W.
Google, July 2017

"Ryan and Wayne quickly found a leak on my copper condenser line and repaired it very fast. It cost me 225 dollars. Another company wanted to charge me several thousands dollars to fix my cooling problem because they misdiagnosed the situation and automatically assumed that an expensive part had to be replaced !! Also, 2 weeks ago, when Bruce came originally to investigate the situation, he knew right away that a leak was somewhere and recharged refrigerant in the system for only 100 dollars compared to several hundreds dollars that the affor-mentionned company wanted to charge me. On both visit, they were right on time, and their window time was only 08:00-08:30, not those stupid 09:00 to 12:00. When you called their office, Vicky answers quickly and she is super nice.So YES, they will be my AC people favorite. "

Patrick F.
Google, June 2017


"Ryan and his crew did an excellent job on my recent installation. Vicky in the front office was very helpful. This company is by far the best for A/C equipment and repairs. Thanks Stoffers."

Google, April 2017

"Super responsive when you have a problem and their entire staff are very friendly. Installed a new ac and heater at our house yesterday they were respectful of our carpets and cleaned up all trash. Great people. "

Sharon K.
Google, February 2017

"I will never use anyone else. My whole extended family use them. They are fast and efficient!"

Vicki D.
Google, August 2016


"Best AC experience ever! After being told by Brand X that our pan was cracked, our coils were damaged, and the whole system needed to be replaced, our daughter convinced us to call Stoffers. Vicki at the office was great! She pretty much diagnosed our problem over the phone. Two guys came today and fixed us up in less than an hour-and-a-half, for $9,000 less than the other company quoted!!! Problem: Dirty coil. Stoffers has our business forever!"
Jacki N.

Facebook, August 2016


"If you ever have A/C issues I HIGHLY recommend Stoffers AC and Heating Repairs. They are ALWAYS quick to respond, professional, friendly and they don't break the bank. Thank you Ryan for working in a 120 degree attic so we could be comfortable tonight. Not one complaint or grimace and very kind. Stoffers will always have our business!"
Helen H.

Facebook, May 2016


"This is such an HONEST company . Something you don't find very often these days. You can depend on them to not mislead you or overcharge you regarding any repair or replacement of equipment. They go above and beyond with courtesy, kindness and respect. I recommend them to everyone I know. Honesty is so very important these days and they are not out there to just make a buck, they are out there helping people!"
Paws Animal Rescue
Google, 2015


"I called Stoffer's when our AC went out this summer and they were fantastic to work with. They were very quick to get back to us even during after hours. Jeremy was very honest and open about our issues and gave us the option to repair or replace at our discretion. Fantastic customer service and knowledgeable beyond our expectations.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stoffer's AC/Heat to any friends or family."

D H.

Google, 2015


"It's obvious why Stoffer's has been in business for over 30 years. A job well done, at a fair price... didn't try to 'up-sell' everything under the sun (like the 'other' company) but instead, only what was needed. I've referred Stoffer's to others and so far all have been pleased. A testament to small businesses everywhere..."
Brian H.

Google, 2015


"The fan motor on my condenser went out after hours on a Friday night. I called several AC companies who told me that they couldn't send a technician out until the next morning. Jeremy, the owner, answered my call and was at my house within an hour to assess the situation. He replaced the fan motor that night for a minimal price so we wouldn't have to stay at my in-laws house!!!

I will definitely be using them again."

Dain F.

Google, 2015


"These guys came out in the winter to inspect my attic unit, which was stuck "on". An hour later they discovered the unit needed a new relay board and they had everything working correctly. The next Spring, I called these guys back for an A/C inspection, and they repaired the clogged drain and topped off the refrigerant for a minimal charge. The entire unit worked flawless for another 5 years, and when the A/C compressor finally went out, I called them again to replace the outdoor compressor unit. Again, within a couple of hours, they had everything up and running and I have had no problems. The owner likes to drink coca cola and is very friendly."
Michael C.

Google, 2015


"I saw some bad reviews while looking up their number which I had lost. My ex husband had vandalized our ac/heater before he moved out after I filed for divorce. Stouffers repairman came out asap when my medically challenged grandson I have custody of and I woke up to a house so cold back in 3/2014 you could see our breath.They showed me all the vandalism my ex had done, including tearing out his password protected NEST thermostat I was never allowed to touch and sticking plain one in the wall but had not connected any wires, had cut the wires on both ac and heater in attic, rerouted an ac drain so it flooded attic instead of draining outside. My ex had previously wrote Stouffers hot check at beginning of divorce and demanded they "rig" the heater instead of doing a $400+ repair it needed earlier that winter. The repairman helped fix multiple acts of vandalism, properly connected the new thermostat, showed me how to use it, corrected ac drain issues and worked with my financial situation despite my ex's hot check history. They called and came out several times to recheck things and make sure my grandson and I were doing ok. I sold that home when divorce was finalized and now need repairs to a unit in our new home. Stouffers gets my business! These guys care about what's right!"
Wendy C.

Google, 2015