Spring Seasonal A/C Maintenance

Spring is here, so you’ll want to re-examine your system to be sure it’s ready for the hot weather ahead. A few spring maintenance tips you may want to perform on your HVAC system include:

Replacing Your Filter

While you also did this in winter, changing the removable filter in each of your A/C units every season helps to prevent pollen and other particles that can agitate allergies from getting into your home. Also replacing your filter/filters regularly increases the longevity of your system as well as helps to lower energy costs.

Testing & Cleaning Your Cooling Systems

Having a maintenance check and A/C cleaning from an American Standard Customer Care Dealer like Stoffer’s can help to increase the efficiency of how your system runs. You can also identify and fix small issues with your A/C system before they become expensive repairs.

Clearing Your Outdoor Condenser

Making sure the outdoor air conditioning condenser is free of any weeds or vegetation, so that air can move freely around the unit.

For more information on A/C maintenance, call Stoffer’s today. We are here to assist you.