How to Identify A/C Compressor Symptoms & Get Them Resolved Before They Turn Into Costly Repairs!

Your A/C unit’s compressor is responsible for cooling the refrigerant that cools the air in your home. It’s a vital part of your system, so it’s important that you’re able to identify A/C compressor symptoms and take care of issues before they turn into costly repairs.

Air Conditioning Compressor Symptom Maintenance

The air compressor is found on the outside portion of the system—within the large condensing unit. A/C compressors act as the mechanical pump that is responsible for circulating and compressing the refrigerant so that your family stays cool on even the hottest of days. Because it stays outdoors, it can also be outside our frame of mind when things go wrong. However, if you’re experiencing the following four air conditioning symptoms, there may be something going on with your A/C compressor:

  1. Not Cool Enough – Your system is not able to cool to a certain temperature.
  2. Rough Days – The outside unit is either shaking or shuttering violently when the system kicks on.
  3. Tripped Circuit – The circuit frequently trips or breaks, causing the power in the A/C unit to go.
  4. Noisy Machine – While most A/C units outdoors make a degree of noise while it’s cooling your home, the noise coming from your unit seems to be a bit excessive. Also, you’re hearing noises you’ve never heard your system make before.

Professional A/C Symptom Maintenance

If you’re experiencing any of the above A/C compressor symptoms, you may be experiencing the beginnings of system failure. As always, if you sense that something may not be working properly, contact Stoffer’s to get a professional diagnosis. Professional maintenance and/or repair may be able to prevent those costly repairs down the road.